Hanko Sea Kayak Gathering on Suomen suurin merimelonnan koulutus- ja yhdessäolotapahtuma. HSKG tarjoaa kolme fantastista päivää Hangossa Tulliniemen rannalla 19.-21.8 2016.

Kouluttajien esittelyt


Dubside is known internationally as an authority on Greenland rolling and rope gymnastics. He has his own series of instructional DVD’s. Dubside does presentations, demonstrations, and instructional classes for symposiums, clubs, and outfitters throughout North America and Europe. Watching, listening to, and learning from Dubside will get you excited about kayaking in general and using Greenland style paddles in particular!


Keirron Tastagh

Keirron is a full time adventure sports coach, whose passion and profession is sea kayaking. After setting up and establishing a specialist sea kayak training centre (Adventurous Experiences) at his home on the Isle of Man, he cultivated long-term personal development and leadership programs to underpin the business model, coaching people, using a unique Adventure Club framework. Keirron has completed ten major expeditions worldwide, (leading 9 of them). http://www.adventurousexperiences.com/

Anssi Nupponen

Since young age Anssi has been interested in activities on sea. He has 10 years of experience of kayaking in different kind of circumstances in Finland and Wales. Anssi is always enthusiastic to learn more about kayaking and educating. Most of Anssi’s free time is used at the sea kayaking with Greenland paddle. This has brought a completely different aspect of kayaking for Anssi. By time kayaking has turned from a hobby to a career; Anssi has his own kayaking company “Rolling Kayak”www.rollingkayak.fi . Anssi is qualified NIL Finland instructor and he has a great amount of education.

Tommi “Heno” Hendriks

Heno has 30 years experience of kayaking. Typical kayaking trips for Heno have been continued from a couple of nights to one week-trips. The longest trips so far have been kayaking at the coast of Finland and getting over the Gulf of Finland to Estonia and Sweden, and also some trips to Norwegian.
Levels BCU 3 SEA and Open Canoe 3.

You should come to HSKG because you can get good tips about hiking, high-quality technic practises and people with the same enthusiasm.

Damijan Marin

“I moved to Finland almost five years ago and I live in Espoo. I’m passionate in any kind of sea kayaking and open canoeing from 10 day trips to crazy surfing and high wind paddling. My home playing ground are waters between Suvisaaristo and Porkkalanniemi. In Finland I paddled also rivers and lakes around Hartola, parts of Kymijoki river and Ahvenanmaa. Outside of Finland I paddled so far in Estonia, Slovenia and Croatia.

Teaching paddling make me also personal better paddler since I really have to understand the things that I can teach them forward. So far I am certified BCU level 1 coach and I have a BCU level 2 assessment just weekend after HSKG. By the time of HSKG I hope I will have also the NIL instructor license. Personally I achieved so far BCU 3-star SEA and open canoe.

HSKG is like the best playground that you always dreamed off for all new to the paddling and also to the all old foxes out there who are just looking for new skills to add to their already rich arsenal.”

Hanko Sea Kayak Gathering opens doors on Friday 19th of August at 4pm. When arriving to Tulliniemi, please enroll first at the info desk.


Drive Esplanadi through the center of Hanko towards Ulkosatama. You can also find HSKG signs on the route.

There is a free parking during the whole event on a big parking lot which is located behind Tulliniemi beach. Beware of the active train rail between the parking lot and the event area!

Please park closely so all the 250 participants can fit to the parking area.



Participants will stay in tents which they will provide themselves. For fire safety the tents must be located at least 4 meters from one another. Campers and caravans are not allowed on the event area!


Water and eating

There is outdoor toilet facilities and water tap on the event area. The water is drinkable. Participants will be able to buy food from different food stalls or make their own food with portable stoves. Campfires are forbidden on the event area!

Participants are given an info leaflet which includes an area map of Hanko center and its food markets and restaurants.



Useful things to bring with you: good kayaking clothes, waterproof packed change clothes, kayaking vest, compass, headlamp, tow belt, water bottle, snacks. Participants are able to test some equipment product demonstrators provide on the event area.

Please notice that helmet is obligatory on some courses. Also on other courses helmet is recommended.

Incase you need to rent kayak or other equipment, contact the companies below:

Outward Bound Finland ry

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

**Are able to bring the equipment to HSKG


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

**Are able to bring the equipment to HSKG

Welhonpesä and Bear & Water will be there to promote their products. You can also contact them and ask beforehand about renting/loaning the equipment.

Ceremony dinner

Buffet style ceremony dinner is served on Saturday evening. Dinner is included in the participation fee. After the dinner a band will entertain the audience. Sauna tents are heated the whole evening.


Program and courses

The HSKG 2016 program is renewed and this year participants can choose from 1,5 hour , 3 hour and night courses. The courses and trips vary according to length, level of difficulty and theme. In addition to courses and trips participants are offered versatile program on land, for example yoga, pilates, stretching and circuit training.

New for this year is also the “play pool” which is a marked off area in the sea for self training.


Flea market

HSKG is traditionally also a place to sell and buy used kayaking equipment and clothes so bring all of your unnecessary things with you.


Product demonstrators

Welhonpesä, Bear & Water, Fjällräven and Primus will be on the event area to promote products and participants are allowed to test them.

Social media

While using social media please use hashtag #HSKG2016. That way all the pictures will be collected under one hashtag as memories. Follow us on social media to stay updated:

Twitter: NILFinland

Facebook: NIL Suomi

Periscope: NILFinland

Instagram: nilfinland

More information

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Event manager

Nea Kujala

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040 7076096

Registration for the Hanko Sea Kayak Gathering-event opens in May!

You get a confirmation in to your e-mail address after you have done the registration. The confirmation contains a password for login to our page, where you can sign up to the courses you want. You can see your own program by logging in to our page and you can change it until one week before the event! Notice, that there are in every course certain amount of participants and every participant can choose three (3) courses out of the program at first. So we can make sure that everyone gets to several courses during the event.

Participation payment is 150€ and it includes the courses from the Finnish instructors, sideline program, ceremony dinner and a place from the camping area. You can also choose courses from the foreign instructors (35€) and a HSKG 2016 jacket (25€). The participation payment must be payed instantly with the participation.


Underneath the structure of the event. More detailed program will be available on the registration page later on.

Friday 18.8.2017

4.00pm Registration opens on the spot
6.30pm First courses start
8.30pm - 10.00pm Opening ceremony

9.30pm - 11.30pm Night courses

Saturday 19.8.2017
9.00am First courses starts
12.30am - 1.30pm Lunch
1.30pm Courses continue
7.00pm Ceremony dinner + band

Sunday 20.8.2017
9.00am First courses start
12.30am - 1.30pm Lunch
1.30pm - 3.00pm HSKG cup & closing ceremony

In the HSKG 2017 event you can choose courses from 1,5h to 3 hour courses and trips. During the event there will be held several courses that are different from difficulty levels and the theme changes from safety to tricks. Besides these courses and trips there will be many-sided sideline program on the ground, like yoga, stretching, exercising for paddlers, pilates etc.

There will be pool zone again where you can go with your friends and practice independently on your techniques. If you need any help, there will be also a coach helping everyone in the pool.

The sauna tents will be also warm always when the participants want them to be!


Nordic Association for Sea Kayak Instructors NIL Finland is organizing the 10th Hanko Sea Kayak Gathering event. HSKG is arranged from the 18th to 20th of  August 2017 in Hanko Tulliniemi, Finland.

The event is designed for all levels of paddlers, whether as a beginner or a professional kayaking. HSKG brings together a wide network of paddling professionals, as well as other actors, such as product demonstrators. Inspirational, and diverse courses of varying difficulty, as well as social program is on offer during the event. You can develop yourself and share your experiences with other enthusiasts!

The participation fee is €150 including the Finnish trainers courses, social program, ceremony dinner, as well as a place at the campsite. Upon registration you can also choose foreign trainers courses (€35) and HSKG 2017 product. The event entry fee will be paid immediately upon registration. HSKG 2017 program will begin on Friday the 18th of August at 16.00 and will end on Sunday the 20th of August at 15.00.


For more information about HSKG: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

050 340 0644